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Here we will post information,  media and updates related to my latest book, Tantric Temples: Eros and Magic in Java, published by Ibis Press in November, 2011.

Tantric Temples is based on my research pertaining to the Hindu and Buddhist architecture of the Indonesian archipelago and is most especially concerned with the temples to be found all over Java itself.  While Indonesia is famous as the world’s most populous Muslim country with over 200 million followers of Islam, it is also a region with a vibrant indigenous culture comprising elements of Indian and native religious practices, often in combination with Islamic ideas and praxis.  For the study of Tantra in its own environment – Tantra as a living philosophy – there can be no better place than Java.

Tantric Temples discusses magic, religion, mysticism, and the occult interpretations of human sexuality as a re-enactment of, and participation in, the primal sexual act of Creation.  Concepts such as the lingam and yoni (symbolic representations of the male and female sexual organs, respectively), amrita (the elixir of life), Shiva and Shakti, the Indonesian theater style known as wayang, and the contemporary rituals of sexual magic that take place today in that country, are all discussed and explored with numerous full-color photographs of temples, statues, bas-reliefs and more.

Tantric Temples is the first book of its kind in English to be devoted to this subject, and this is the first website in English dedicated to the study of Javanese Tantra in all its details and in all its astonishing beauty.



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