Candi Ijo – The strange camera malfunction

In this brief clip, you can see how the camera I was using began to malfunction but only when it crossed the corner of the main temple at Candi Ijo, the one with the enormous lingam and yoni sculpture and the bas-reliefs of Shiva and Uma at the moment of Creation.  This is mentioned on page 230 of the book, Tantric Temples: Eros and Magic in Java.

Candi Ijo is one of the strangest of the Tantric temples of Java.  Located high on a hill overlooking Yogyakarta, it is surrounded by forest and was eerily quiet when I visited it to take this footage and the accompanying photographs in my book.  While the architecture is mostly plain, the sheer size of the site is impressive with multiple levels and the ruins of dozens of shrines.

Film clip of Candi Ijo